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servFaces GmbH, based in Dresden, is an innovative development & service-orientated company with the aim of discovering sustainable solutions within the field of surface optimisation – for an international clientele.

Nanotechnology is inspired by nature and utilises technical access to atoms and molecules in the optimisation and programming of surface structures.

The chemical nanotechnology and materials science makes it possible to develop high-quality, ultra thin and multifunctional high-performance coatings.

The main component of the servFaces coatings is silicon, a natural and inexhaustible raw material that is harmless to mankind and the environment.

Ceramic Coat Ultima

The hardest surface coating that is possible on a painted surface. It can only be mechanically destroyed and cannot be removed by cleaning chemicals. High temperature-resistant from 620 °C to 1500 °C

Anti- Graffiti

Transparent surface optimisation, which reduces the adhesion of graffiti and also protects the surface. In this way graffiti can be removed with minimal cleaning effort. The coating is up to 100% resistant to cleaning chemicals and solvents.

Permina Coating

Invisible coating for concrete and natural stone surfaces. Is applied directly to the surface. Chemically and mechanically highly resistant. Impregnated, dirt-repellent and UV stable effect. Protects walls, windowsills, floors and more besides.

Servfaces - "We save yours"


Today’s society demonstrates little responsibility and extensive wastefulness when utilising the existing resources. Resources that we take for granted – such as water, clean air and many more besides – are no longer appropriately valued in these fast-paced times.

Through innovative surface optimisations, servFaces wishes to minimise the wastage of resources.


The high performance coating creates a dirt and oil-repellent protective layer and an easy-to-clean effect. These properties of our coatings not only lead to an extension in cleaning intervals, but also ease the cleaning process itself. The result of this is a significant reduction in the consumption of water and harmful chemicals in the form of cleaning products.


As a pioneer of surface refinement it is our self-declared goal to convey concerns of sustainability, as well as an awareness of quality assurance and maintenance, to as many people as possible.

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"There’s Plenty
of Room at the Bottom"

Richard Feynman (*1959),

Father of Nanotechnology